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Private and Small Group class

for Professional English


Our custom methodology, Grammar-Perfect© builds each lesson topic on the foundation of each prior lesson. Grammatical topics are presented in a logical progression giving an intrinsic understanding of grammatical structures. This is crucial for beginner as well as advanced speakers so our students are confident in the accuracy of their speaking.

In Class

Class time is used speaking on real workplace activities within the specific grammatical topic of each lesson. Our lesson topics shape a conversation among the professor and students about their profession and industry. Students are duly prepared to have that same conversation in their actual workplace.

Out-of-Class Resources

As our in-class time is dedicated to learning via speaking activities, we use our custom resources for students' homework. This includes reading and writing activities and materials specific to our students' industry.

English Evaluations

We evaluate the English level of potential new hires to determine if they have the skills to be successful in their roles. We give a summary of their level and a detailed description of what they can and cannot do professionally at their level.


Interview Preparation

We prepare professionals for interviews in English. We work together with professionals with HR to understand what they are looking for and how to make our clients stand out from the crowd.


All our translations go through a double native speaker process. That means that from Portuguese to English or vice versa, we have a native speakers in both languages review the translation. We are well versed  in translating scientific papers, multinational’s  internal documents and marketing materials.


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